All About Do Some Good!

Our Mission

Do Some Good is a social enterprise that cares about maximizing impact. Our mission is to bring individuals, community organizations and businesses together on one platform to build stronger local communities across Canada.

Our Team

Do Some Good's team believes that changing the world is possible! Our social mission drives us and our success is defined by the amount of social impact we make versus the amount of money we make. Our technology was built for the community but it is also being built by a community. Our partners, users and people like you are part of our team - Thank you for being part of our story! The best is yet to come :)

Our Story

It all started with our founder looking for suitable volunteer opportunities for his 2 daughters. After struggling with finding online matches and learning about the challenges overall with student volunteering, he thought something should be done. Along with a friend and former teacher, he came up with an idea to develop technology to engage students and track volunteer hours. After 1000's of cups of coffee, 100's of meetings and a couple million lines of code, Do Some Good was launched in December of 2015.

Our Partners

We know it takes a village to raise a company, and we are incredibly grateful to our major partners who have supported us along the way. Do Some Good is partly owned by Prospera Credit Union and Interior Savings, who both have been partners since the early days and truly live and breathe our mission to create stronger communities. First West Credit Union has also been a strong advocate of Do Some Good since the beginning and has inspired some of our platform's best features. Thank you to all!